Mayanu represents a beautiful fusion of MAYA, honouring generations of strong women and ANU, symbolising the Celtic Goddess of Mother Earth, together evoking the essence of reflection, strength, growth, fertility and abundance.

Enriched with love and compassion, our healing Lomi Lomi massages will embrace and guide you on a journey of blissful renewal, reigniting the bond between body, mind and spirit, gifting deep relaxation.

Rachelle Maya Healy

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Lomi Lomi


Embark on a serene journey that invites you to unwind

Lomi Lomi is a cherished traditional Hawaiian whole-body massage, often referred to as 'loving hands’ massage which addresses the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of healing.

According to Hawaiian belief, trauma and limitations are stored in both the mind and the body's cells. Using long, continuous, flowing strokes inspired by the ocean’s gentle waves, this ancient practice facilitates healing by shifting energy, releasing stored beliefs and patterns while alleviating tension, relaxing the nervous system, promoting lymphatic drainage and improving circulation.

Enhance your massage with exquisite Lava shells. Similar to a hot stone massage, the comforting warmth penetrates the muscles deeper amplifying all the benefits of the Lomi Lomi massage allowing you to drift further into a sea of blissful relaxation.

Lava Shell




Designed for expectant mothers, this relaxing massage deepens the connection between mother and baby.

By using both lava and glacial shells to offer the soothing contrast of hot and cold therapy, inflammation and discomfort are reduced, while a myriad of benefits for physical and emotional well-being are provided.

During the massage, a safe, organic, natural pink clay mask infused with rosewater and coconut oil is gently applied to the baby bump, followed by a luxurious balm. This nurturing, sacred ritual preserves skin suppleness and offers a tranquil moment to unwind and prepare for labour.

Suitable for the 2nd and 3rd trimesters and post natal period


I was so privileged to have Mayanu Massage facilitate beautiful massages for the my retreat participants recently. Rachelle was fantastic! Not only did the participants LOVE her massages, but her presence at the retreat made the whole retreat even more special. She is an absolute treasure and a gift to any retreat facilitator who truly wishes to gift their participants a whole lot more magic, love, nurturing and nourishment. Highly recommend! - Natalie Seigne - Higher Love Retreats

I had my first Lomi Lomi massage at Mayanu Massage. Using her intuition, Rachelle gifts a journey with soulful vision of yourself and inner child giving peace and acceptance as one agency. Highly recommend. Donna

So grateful to have met Rachelle towards the end of my pregnancy. She provides such a calming and nurturing space whilst delivering a deeply relaxing and restorative massage. Highly recommend to any mums to be experiencing pain of any kind. I always leave feeling SO much better. The warm lava shells are my favourite!! Lomi Lomi is the only type of massage I’ll get now. Thank you so much Rachelle I can’t wait to continue to see you in the post partum recovery phase as well. Morwenna

I had a massage with Rachelle at a very tricky time in my life. I was made to feel completely at ease. Rachelle provided me with a sense of calmness that I hadn't felt in a long time. Louise


Rachelle Maya Healy

My journey with Lomi Lomi began in 2017. I’ve had the privilege of studying under various teachers in London and Australia. It has been a deeply enriching experience delving into different lineages alongside Reiki.

This diverse experience has allowed me to weave together a beautful fusion of these teachings culminating in the creation of Mayanu Massage. I deeply enjoy giving massages and at the heart of it all is my passion for healing and nurturing others, which drives every aspect of my practice.

I look forward to welcoming you to Mayanu Massage.

Together we’ve planted

75 trees

Our commitment is motivated by a deep sense of duty to Mother Earth. With each massage you receive, a tree is planted as a gesture of thanks in your honour.

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Rachelle Maya Healy


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